Monday, October 19, 2020

Hslloween Reading

 In past years I've put out a Halloween reading list.  I don't know that anyone really cares what I think and I'm not sure people really want to read for Halloween.  Still, these are not normal times.  There are few activities to go to and I don't know what to think of trick or treating.  So, if you are looking for something to read, obviously my new anthology Six Guns Straight From Hell 3 bears mentioning.  It's pretty new, just coming out a few weeks ago. 

If like unusual locations, then I'd suggest David Lee Summers Astronomer's Crypt.  It's set in an observatory--remote location far from help. What could possibly go wrong?  

A lot of my stuff is out of print, although still available used from many outlets including Amazon. Gunslingers and Ghost Stories is another anthology which sold better than any of my other books and it combines the western with a ghosts--all kinds of ghosts.

And, yet another anthology that's in some libraries and used outlets is Low Noon.  It didn't catch on for some reason, but has some creepy stories in it like "Realgar". by Jackson Kuhl.

If you like really wicked evil characters combined with a lot of action and gunplay, Joel Jenkins Lone Crow character has two collections of stories.  

If you favor something longer, I still think it's hard to go wrong with the original Omen

These are stories that are the sort of things I like. Try something.

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