Monday, October 5, 2020


 As I've said before, I worked for many years in the hotel business in Colorado.  We had one bellman who seemed a little pushy, always trying to scrape the snow off people's cars and doing stuff no one really wanted.  Well, one day some guy arrived off the shuttle.  He was speaking some foreign language.  Anyway, out bellman took his bags to his room.  Then he wanted Diet Pepsi.  "You get?" Well, our vending machines only had Diet Coke. So he hoofed it down to the market and got him a bottle of Diet Pepsi.  And he came back and the customer says "You good Joe."  Then he hands our bellman and big  wad of money.

So, he come up to the front desk and he's trying to figure out what it is.  It had some guy on it and a foreign writing . "Well, he eventually determined it was a Rupee from Pakistan. The whole pile of money was worth about four bucks. "I went to the f*ing store for 4 bucks"

He didn't know this was a setup and the guy in the fez was the brother of one of our desk clerks. He asked me what the guy paid with.  "Master Card," I told him.

So, a few days later, it's time for him to leave.  He calls up to the front desk and asks for baggage help. "I ain't taking it. He can cram that fez up his ass."

Fine. It was unusual for a night auditor to do a bag urn, but not unheard of. I took the baggage cart and came up with his two bags and took them to the shuttle outside.  I came by the bell stand and showed the bellman who didn't want to go. "Look, he gave me a hundred bucks." and showed him a hundred dollar bill.  This guy was steaming and complaining for a week before someone told him it was a a setup.

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