Saturday, November 28, 2020

ketchup fiends

 Used to be ketchup was an inexpensive condiment and if you went to a restaurant you had a bottle of the stuff and you could drench your fries or anything else with as much as you want.  Then, the roving hoards started cleaning out the stores and we persist with these roving food shortages.  Restaurants won't let you have any, or they'll only give you one little plastic thing that holds about a thimble full. And the stores, they don't seem to have any at all.  I found some at one store yesterday that was twice what I used to pay for it. Last week I was eating at a coffee shop and asked for ketchup for my fries and was told they had none.  Did it ever  occur to anybody to send some flunkie dishwasher down the street to the store and buy some? Apparently not. The store was probably out anyway. 

Note to President elect:  Mr. Biden, I know you're busy, but if you could ask around and find out where all the ketchup is, I'd be much obliged.  PS- I voted for you.

Well, I'll continue to monitor the lack of ketchup in Tucson.  Don't get me started on barbecue sauce either. The same restaurant that had no ketchup wants 50 cents to put a few drops of barbecue sauce on my hamburger. I'm not happy about that, either.

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