Thursday, November 19, 2020

plague adventures

 Back in the good old days of the dark ages when a town was stricken with bubonic plague, they'd have guys drive carts around yelling "bring out your dead" and they'd cart away the dead bodies of loved ones who'd died the night before. It was that bad.  Imagine half of the people in your town just gone in the span of a month or less.  I wrote a paper in college asserting it was the plague, not the decadence of the Senate or lead pipes that brought on the fall of Rome. My professor said something to the effect, "Not in the range of current thinking." He gave me a "C" as I recall.  I knew it wasn't in the range of current thinking. Still, I supported my thesis with examples and believe to this day that I am right. 

Well, we're not that dad.  At least we know what causes Copid virus.  And wearing a mask is proven to help.  Of course, it's good for us to die off the weaker members of the heard, or so it seems in the mindset of our wonderful leader.  The germs causing the plague were carried by rats.  More cats and burying garbage would've reduced the death rate by a lot.  I wonder if I went back in time and argued for those precautions if anyone would have listened.  Probably not.

It amazes me how many people won't even wear a mask to protect themselves and others.  I wonder how many people will refuse the Cpid virus vaccine because they're convinced it's all a hoax.  Time will tell.

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