Tuesday, November 24, 2020


 People are having to make difficult decisions about Thanksgiving this year. Is it safe to go? Will we get sick?  Will we make someone else sick?  It's not all that easy to decide what to do. In my own case, this will the first year without my dad present. As I've mentioned before, he died a few months ago. People die and we have to move on.  Nonetheless, it will be different.  

And then there's the question of whether we should even be tankful.  If you got sick, have lost loved ones, or lost your business you may feel differently than somebody who is still humming along at their job and  is wondering  how many types of pie to buy for Thanksgiving desert. But no what situation you are in, and whether you are getting your meal at Grandma's house or from the local foodbank, things will get better. The economy will improve. The virus will come under control.  And the sun will come up tomorrow. So, hug your loved ones and toss a ball for your dog and enjoy your Thanksgiving in whatever form it's taking.

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