Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Trash Daze

 A few days ago I bought one of those ready to cook meat loafs at the store–big mistake.  It smelled awful. I sure wasn’t going to eat it.  After sitting in the trash can for two days it got even more pungent.  I just about gagged taking the trash out to the curb Tuesday night. By Wednesday morning, trash day, people walking by my house were having unusual reactions as the odor wafted over to them.  Finally, the garbage truck showed up.  We have the old fashioned trash service where they manually dump my trash can into the truck.  The garbage man started to pick up my can, then retreated.  He talked to his partner for a moment, then ran and tossed my garbage into the truck. They immediately turned on the thing that pulls the garbage inside and squishes it. And it was gone. I sprayed the can with Lysol.

I should buy some more of these and ship them to people I don’t like.

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