Sunday, December 13, 2020

publishin' anthologies, oh my

 I haven’t said much about writing and editing lately.  I’m not sure I have anything all that inspiring to contribute. Little changes. Most writers are pretty good folks just trying to sell their stories.  Then there is that small bunch that makes you want to never do another project again. 

Most annoying peeve–Why did you reject my story?  Because I didn’t like it?  Actually, it might be for a number of reason like it doesn’t meet my published guidelines or I may just have too many similar stories. Or, it may totally suck. But no matter why I rejected it, I am not a critique service am not going to reply to these type of queries.  

Then there’s the writers who refuse to sign the contract.  There’s always a couple of these. My terms were listed in my guidelines, had anyone bothered to read them, yet when they get their contract they demand all sorts of changes to it or, worse yet, they won’t even respond at all. This wastes a lot of my time. How I so dearly love these people.  It’s sudden death. The offer to publish is always withdrawn.  A solo author can negotiate a little on terms, but I cannot have fifteen authors in an anthology trying to redo the contract terms. 

And that is why you need to accept about 20 stories to have a 15 story anthology.  And that is why I doubt I’ll do any more of them.

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