Monday, December 21, 2020


 Somebody on their website was rattling on about weird westerns and kind of incorrectly wrote about the demise of Science Fiction Trails magazine, which I published 14 issues. It stopped being published because I had too much trouble getting stories.  I just gave up.  It wasn't really a lack of sales although the last two issues did see a sharp drop in sales as well.  

There are still copies of some of the issues around on the online used book market, if anyone wants to read it.

Then there's the Six Guns Anthologies.  Number three came out a few months ago.  These are horror anthologies and should not be confused with the SF leaning magazine.  For some reason, we had plenty of stories for the last book, in fact we could have published two books if we had wanted to. 

Is the weird western alive and well?  Well, I don't think so.  Our sales aren't nearly what they were when the first volume of Six Guns came out--not even close.  This may just be a type of story folks aren't really interested in anymore.  There haven't been any movies in this sub genre in some time. That would be a shot in the arm, just as Cowboys and Aliens really helped my sales of Science Fiction Trails, but only for a couple of years.  Again, it was really a lack of stories that ended that series.  Will be another horror anthology?  No decision has been made on that, but I'm guessing no.

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