Saturday, September 19, 2020


 Well, I got this great idea to get the authors of our new anthology Six Guns Straight From Hell 3 to do readings and we'd post them on the internet. Ha. We have one that's up but no one can find it and another that's up but no one can access it.  My computer seems to have no sound and I have been unable to do one at all.  Disaster.  I just wanted a  nice easy way to promote the book. That sure has not happened. 

Friday, September 18, 2020


 Because what few restaurants are open are running at 30% or so, takeout remains a part of the world of food.  What I'm getting tired of is the incompetent idiots taking orders.  This is so different than the tip=based world of eating in a restaurant. A good waiter will get my order right or pay dearly for it at checkout. But there are few tips in to go orders and the people handling these clearly do not give a crap. I tried to order supper last night and came to the conclusion the order taker was so stoned it was hopeless. I just walked out. And drive throughs are even worse.  You ask for a taco and they type in Sprite and won't clear it out.  You must've ordered a Sprite because that's what it says.  

Stay home and cook seems the only solution.  My boycott list of restaurants is getting so long it's darn near all of them.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020


 When you put out a new book, one way to promote it was the author would go around and do readings at various venues and radio stations and such.  Well, a lot of these venues, like small bookstores, remain closed.  This created a problem when we released Six Guns Straight From Hell 3.  One thing we thought we'd try was video readings.  So far we have two. One is from Sam Knight  and the other is from Patrick Dorn.    I don't know if this will do much to promote the book.  I haven't recorded one as my computer just lacks  a microphone and is so antiquated I don't think I'd be successful.

This is new territory for us. We'll have to see how it turns out.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Six Guns Straight From Hell 3


Available September 14, 2020

Six Guns Straight From Hell 3,

Edited by David B. Riley & J. A. Campbell

Saddle up for a wild ride through the weird, weird west. As you ride our trails you’ll want to keep one eye on the path ahead and one over your shoulder cause there’s a bushwhacking monster creeping up behind you.  If your horse gets eaten by a monster, you might be able to get a ride on the midnight train, as long as you don’t mind sitting with ghosts.  If you don’t catch the train, maybe the devil can give you a lift back to town. Just be careful which place you head for, because the folks in one town are about to die.  Staying on ranches ain’t much safer, especially at one girl’s birthday party. Then again, even going to outhouses can be deadly. If you happen to visit the local brothel, be sure and treat the ladies right or you’ll pay dearly. And Tombstone is no place to get your picture taken if you want to keep your skin.

Spine tingling horror and dark fantasy from Sam Knight, David Boop, Joel Jenkins, Matthew Hellman, Patrick Dorn,  C. W. Blackwell, Ross Baxter, John Kiste, Krystal Stittle and more.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Horrible Day

 9/11 is one of those horrible things you remember where you were and what happened and you never forget it. I also remember the  JFK assassination and I was a little kid when that happened. In the case of 9/11 I'd just gotten home from work [yes, I worked nights back then].  I turned on the news and an airplane had just hit the WTC.  I noted it was a clear day and figured that had to be some sort of terrorism. As I was watching this, Wham, a second jet hit the building. Well that kind of removed all doubts.  Anyway, you don't forget these kind of things.  

I don't have anything to add.  

Thursday, September 10, 2020


 Even in the digital world, there's still a lot of mail out there.  One thing I can't figure out is why some companies just won't give up. they send me unwanted junk mail constantly and just will not stop. After years of ignoring them, you'd think they'd get the message I'm not interested. But they never do.  One such outfit is a  local health foods store.  They send me their magazine every month.  To my knowledge, I have never set foot in heir store and certainly never signed up for anything. But, there it comes every month.

It's not just small, local businesses either.  Geico won't leave me alone.  They bother me constantly with pitches for insurance.  I am happy with my current insurance company, but don't tell them that. Dish thinks I want their service. I use a competitor and have no wish to change.  You would thing that after four years, which is how long I've been at my current place, they'd figure out I'm not interested. But they just relentlessly keep sending me stuff.

Monday, September 7, 2020

living in an oven

 Normally, the summer temperature starts to ease up around here by September. Not so this weekend. It had been extremely hot.  The climate is screwed up and those who don't care to believe that should understand this: Earth may not sustain life much longer.  Food won't grow and we'll try living underwater and then that will be like being boiled alive and we'll all be dead. That's what is coming.  I'm not usually so gloomy, but I no longer see any other outcome.